Herbal cleansing power

This floral, flavorful, and earthy tea can help relax and get great sleep. This reminds of the feeling of walking through a flower-filled meadow; it is both relaxing and restorative. The heavy blend of natural ingredients in this tea reminds of walking through tall amber colored grass mottled with vibrant wildflowers. While our ingredients are known for their support in natural cleansing, they also complement each other in flavor. The herbs adds soft citrus notes to this tea and a delicate floral and refreshing taste. There is a very delicate bitterness to the tea that quickly dissipates as soon as realize it’s there. This is the strongest tea we make. Gentle and mildly relaxing, relieves tension and relieves occasional indigestion.

Why Artrus tea?

The power of pure herbs

Artrus tea is high in beneficial compounds and have been recommended, to boost the immune system and help cleanse the system.

Reason to love

Artrus is made using all of the above-ground parts of the plant, including leaves, flowers and stems, and records indicate its popular use goes back at least as far as the Elizabethan era.

Natural cleanse

Artrus tea supports the normal function of the immune system. Enjoy at least 1 cup a day as part of a varied and balanced lifestyle. Feeling great is the inspiration behind this carefully crafted Artrus blend. A delicious combination of herbs provides a comforting taste, while the added Vitamin C helps to support immune system and helps feel at best every day.

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Key herbs



Not only is it a delicious ingredient in apple pie, cinnamon in herbal tea helps improve the well-being. Cinnamon is a warming tonic, wonderful for easing winter chills, and also or people who feel the cold.


Don't let the distinctive licorice flavor put off. Sach says fennel tea is often served with honey for cleansing. A weaker form blended with fennel flowers is great for natural cleansing.


Ginger is one of those wonderful plants that double as benefitla for the wellbeing and food. It is a great tonic par excellence and great for cleansing.



Hibiscus flowers contain high levels of benefitial ingridient, and in tea, it is helpful for cleansing. It has recently been found to help with cleansing. But the benefits don't stop there.

Juniper berry

Juniper berries are used by herbalists in teas for cleansing. The berries in a tea need to be boiled and can be mixed with other berries for assisting the wellbeing.


Lavender seeds are used in tea to promote a feeling of calm. But the essential oil is very strong and if taken as a single tea can causes cramps. It's always better to be in a combination tea.

Brewing details

Cup of hot tea: Pour boiling water over a tea bag. Brew 4 minutes.

Quart of iced tea: Place 3-4 teabags in a quart heatproof pitcher. Brew for 4 minutes in 4 cups boiling water.

Ice tea: Stir in ice or set in refrigerator to chill.